Dancing With the Dogs

Just watched the  DWTS finals — Whew!

So does anyone want to see a show called “Dancing with Your Dog”?

Bandit (the little Boston Terrier in the red scarf) does the Bandit Boogie. He lays on his back, swings his hips back and forth and swivels around like a spinning top. It’s great fun to watch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video, but here are some still pictures of him. Most show him  doing what he does best: sleeping.

Bandit was also a shelter dog, rescued about seven years ago. He is a true mama’s boy. Perhaps his name should have been Velcro.

We wanted to call our business the Bandit Bakery, but the name was taken, so Kona got top billing. But Bandit is top dog in the household. :-)



So, What is Kona?

Kona is the most sweet, loving dog you can hope to find. She was adopted from a shelter about three years ago and quickly became a family star (although not always in a good way — during her adjustment period she decided to relieve her anxiety by chewing everything from the remote  control to a whole loaf of bread). But we love her unconditionally. She is patient, adores children, loves to chase a tennis ball, and even watches TV.

But there is one thing we don’t know about Kona. What kind of dog she is. Obviously she is  mix, but the question is, what is she a mix of? Take a look at these photos. Any ideas?



How To Order

Now there are three ways to order your Kona Cookies.

1. Go to our website at http://konask9cookies.com/ and click on the “Place an Order” tab. When you click on one of the images, you will be taken to our PayPal page where you can complete your order.

2. Find us on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com at “KonasCanineCookies

3. Open and complete the Word order form, then snail-mail it to us.

Order Form


Our Three Cookies

Kona’s Canine Cookies offers three wholesome varieties: peanut butter, veggie and pumpkin. When you’re talking about dog treats, peanut butter is an obvious choice. But many people may wonder: why veggies and why pumpkin?

Before we answer those two questions, let us explain why we don’t offer any meat-flavored treats. We simply wanted to avoid all meat and dairy products. This is primarily out of concern for safety. All of our products are natural, locally sourced when possible, and contain no preservatives. Adding meat and dairy just seemed like something that would complicate the recipe, the packaging and the storage. Kona – and her friend Bandit – are not vegetarian. They get all of the meat protein they need from their food. These snacks are intended as special treats and they are tasty enough without adding even more ingredients.

Now, why do we offer veggies and pumpkin?

Again, it’s a fairly simple answer. These are all healthy foods that Kona and Bandit love. And we hope your dog does. too.

What is good for humans is good for dogs. How often do we hear “eat your fruits and vegetables”?

All three ingredients are packed with vitamins,anti-oxidants and other healthy things.

So if you’re are looking for a simple snack that can be a healthy part of your dog’s life, this is where you can find it See the Ordering and the Product Information pages on our website, konask9cookies.com for more information.