Pet Reading Material

Here is a random question that just popped into my head. If your pet could read, what genre of books would be his or her favorite? Would it be romance novels, classics, poetry, science fiction, …?

Bandit would probably read historical fiction. Kona, on the other hand, likes to keep up with current trends, so she would probably read whatever was on the Amazon best-seller list.



Help Us Spread the Word

We’ve seen way too many articles about the bad things that go into pet food and pet treats. Whether it’s fillers and additives or potentially tainted chicken, there are some things that definitely should not be in your pet’s treats.

At Kona’s Canine Cookies, we use only wholesome ingredients: rice flour and oats. Then we add peanuts or fresh fruits and veggies.

Oh, but we do add one filler. A large helping of love.

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What? Snow tomorrow? Up to six inches? Better stock up on bread, milk and …  dog treats.

If you’re in the Vienna, VA area, stop by the Maple Avenue Market or The Artful Gift Shop to pick up a bag or two of Kona’s Canine Cookies. And if you’re not in the area, don’t worry. You can place an order through our website and your treats will be on the way soon. A snowy day sounds like a good time for baking treats, so we’ll have lots of fresh, homemade goodies for your favorite pup ready to go very soon.

Take care and stay warm!


A New Ordering Option

We’re trying something new at Kona’s Canine Cookies.

Now you can choose what flavors you want in your Three-Package Sampler. As before, you can receive one of each – one package of pumpkin, one package of veggie and one package of peanut butter treats. But now you have the option to mix and match. Choose three peanut butter, two peanut butter and one veggie, two veggie and one pumpkin…You get the idea. And it’s still the discount price of $15.

For more information or to place an order, please visit our “Place an Order” page.