Time To Think Green

Yes, it’s snowing here in Northern Virginia, but our thoughts are not white, they’re green. Think green grass, green flower stalks, green spring veggies – and St. Patrick’s Day!

Kona’s Canine Cookies doesn’t offer any green-colored treats. That’s because we don’t add artificial colorings. But if you want to pamper your special friend with something green, try our veggie treats. They have bits of real green beans baked right in.

Stay safe and warm this week and think happy thoughts of spring green.




We Need Your Input

We here at Kona’s Canine Cookies are considering a new ordering option: a subscription. This would be like a “treat of the month” club in which you could place a standing order for regular monthly delivery. You would pick the type of treats and the number of bags, as well as the length of the subscription. For example, you could choose to have two bags of peanut butter treats delivered for the next six months.

We’re still pondering the details, but wanted to put the idea out there and get some feedback from Kona’s friends and customers. Comments? Thoughts?


So Where Are We Going?

So Where Are We Going?

It doesn’t really matter.

Kona loves to go for a ride! Seeing all the sights, sniffing all the smells, feeling the movement of the car, hearing the interesting sounds — and all from the comfort of a climate-controlled vehicle. What could be better?


Give Your Pooch A Smooch

Okay, we know that not everyone likes doggie kisses so perhaps you don’t want to give your pooch a smooch. But we all love our pets, right?

Valentine’s Day is a time to show everyone we love how we feel about them. What better way to let your favorite pet know how special they are than by giving them a bag of homemade, all-natural, gluten-free dog treats.

Visit Kona’s Canine Cookies to place your order today.