Enjoy a Spring Evening in Vienna With Wine, Music and Dog Treats!

Mark your calendars for April 12th.

If you live in the Northern Virginia/DC area, come join us in Vienna. Kona’s Canine Cookies will be sampling treats at the Out of Site Wine store’s afternoon wine sampling. From 1-4 pm you can try some great wines (Out of Site will provide details soon) and meet the owner of Kona’s Canine Cookies. You can bring your dog and sample some of our treats, take a bag home or place an order.

After the wine tasting and treat snacking, stroll across the street to check out the great local groceries and snacks at the Maple Avenue Market. Or enjoy the best latte in town at Cafe Amoure, then stroll down the street to check out the unique handmade crafts at the Artful Gift Shop.

End your evening at Jammin Java, where my dear friend Sonia and her band disappear fear will be playing.

Hope to see you there!


A Dog’s Job Description

I think every dog needs to be gainfully employed It keeps them physically active and mentally alert. And as we all know, everyone who has a job needs a job description so they know what is expected of them.So here are Bandit’s and Kona’s job descriptions.

Bandit’s primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • ensure no squirrels sit on the outside front window ledge;
  • alert the neighborhood when the UPS (or FedEx) truck is on the way;
  • warn the mailman not to stay on the porch too long;
  • keep the kitchen floor clean of crumbs; and
  • prevent wild buffalo from invading the house while everyone is out on a car ride (he’s especially good at this one; I haven’t seen a wild buffalo in months).

Kona has similar responsibilities:

  • exercise the squirrels in the back yard by chasing them along the fence;
  • acknowledge the postman with a slight glance;
  • examine all UPS (or FedEx) packages to determine if they contain food;
  • serve as a back-up in case Bandit  misses any crumbs on the kitchen floor; and
  • greet every dog she sees on a car ride to let them know they are her best friend in the world.

Does your dog have a job?