Any Tips for Walking in the Humidity?

Bandit loves to go for walks and we always go early in the morning and late in the evening when the temperatures are cooler. However, he still seems to have a difficult time when it’s humid. He’s about 10 years old.


Does anyone have suggestions for ways to beat the humidity? Should we limit our time? Not go at all? Any ideas would be appreciated.


Not Too Much Reading

Went grocery shopping after work today and spent a lot of time reading labels…. But no need to do that with Kona’s Canine Cookies. We use only a few simple ingredients: rice flour, oats, peanut butter, green beans and carrots. Not too hard to see what you’re feeding your pup. And remember to shop local. Find us at The Artful Gift Shop or Maple Avenue Market in Vienna, VA.


More Treats To Come

Friday looks like it is going to be treat-baking day! Place your order now for a package or two of peanut butter or veggie dog treats. Remember, they are glutern-free, vegetarian, and all-natural. In fact, the beans and carrots are direct from the farmers’ market yesterday.


Are You on LinkedIn?

First, let me admit that I am a “technosaur”: a soon-to-be-extinct individual who has failed to evolve with technology.

So my question to the blog world is this: What social media do you use to promote your business?

Kona’s Canine Cookies has a website, a blog, a Facebook page, and I (Lisa Hayes) have a LinkedIn account. Are there other tools I should be using to build my dog treat business?

Any input is welcome.



We’re Going Organic!

Kona’s Canine Cookies has always been natural – we use fresh, wholesome products that contain no preservatives or added ingredients.

And now we’re taking it one step further. We are going to use only organic — and when possible, locally sourced — products. Organic rice flour, oats, peanut butter, and vegetables.

Why? Because we believe it is the right thing to do not only for our pets but also for our planet. We hope you agree.

And remember, our treats are also gluten-free and vegetarian.


Thank You!

A big “Thank You” to everyone who stopped by our Yappy Hour at Out of Site Wines yesterday. We met lots of new friends — both two-legged and four-legged — gave out dozens of treat samples, and had a blast hanging out with Puck (the official greeter and treat sampler at Out of Site Wines).

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we look forward to doing more of these in the future.

Have an idea for a Kona Cookie Yappy Hour? Just let us know by sending us an email at Konask9cookies@gmail.comm or using the Contact page of the website.


Tomorrow Is The Day!

Remember to stop by Out of Site Wines Spring Fling tomorrow to sample Kona’s Canine Cookies — and then join me for an evening of music with disappear fear at Jammon Java — all right here in Vienna!