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Kona’s Cookies can be purchased¬† online or in various locations in Vienna, VA.

There are three ways to get your Kona Cookies.

1. Open and complete the Word order form below and send it as an email attachment.

Sales order

2. Click on an image below. You will be taken to our PayPal page where you can complete your order.

Peanut Butter





loho 2

Each individual 4-oz bag has approximately 16 cookies and costs $6.00. The Three-Bagger offers you the opportunity to mix and match the two flavors or get three of the same kind. It’s your choice. Simply indicate on your order what three flavors you want. You can do this on PayPal by adding a note to the seller. You’ll receive a total of three 4 oz. bags for the special price of $15.

There is a $5.00 shipping fee on all orders, regardless of quantity purchased or shipping destination.

Each order is handmade, a process which takes 1-2 days. Your order should be processed and shipped within 3-4 days of receipt.

3. Vienna Customers

You can find us at Out of Site Wines, The Artful Gift Shop and the Maple Avenue Market in Vienna.

If you are local and would like to discuss other delivery or pick up options, please contact us at

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