Place an Order

Kona’s Cookies can be purchased  online or in various locations in Vienna, VA.

There are three ways to get your Kona Cookies.

1. Open and complete the Word order form below and send it as an email attachment.

Sales order

2. Click on the links below. You will be taken to our PayPal page where you can complete your order. (Please Note: Some customers have experienced difficulties when trying to order multiple bags on Paypal. If you encounter this, you may need to go to the checkout and edit your cart before placing your order. We apologize for this and are working to correct it. But we are not tech people and this is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Again we apologize. Contact us if you need further assistance.)

Peanut Butter



If you are local and would like to discuss other delivery or pick up options, please contact us at

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