These Are Made for Walking

I’m thinking of getting Bandit a pair of winter booties. His feet get so cold when we go for a walk. He has a nice warm hooded jacket, but his little tootsies just can’t take the cold pavement. After about a block, he starts to do his Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance moves and we have to turn around and go home.

But I’m not sure if he’ll walk in them. My former dog, Samson, just sat down and refused to even stand up when I put booties on him!

Anyone else have a similar experience? Does your dog walk in footwear?


Thanks for Your Help

Thank you to everyone who bought treats during our August fundraiser for A Forever Home Rescue Foundation. We mailed the check today! We’re thinking of doing more of these fundraisers, so if you know of a good rescue foundation in the Northern Virginia area that might like to work with us, please let us know. We’re trying to grow our business and this seems like a great win-win for both parties. All we ask is that the rescue promote our treats and in exchange, we donate money for each bag sold. So spread the word…


Time Is Running Out

Our Dog Days of Summer Benefit for A Forever Home ends August 17. For every bag of Kona’s Canine Cookies purchased online or via email/mail, we’ll donate $1 to this Northern Virginia animal rescue group.


Kona’s Canine Cookies Dog Days of Summer Benefit for AFH

Treat your pup and pay it forward!

Between August 1 and August 17, for every bag of Kona’s Canine Cookies ordered online, we’ll donate $1 to A Forever Home.


In 2006, I attended an AFH adoption event and met Tiny, a small, scared little Boston Terrier mix. Today, he is my BFF (best furry friend) and his name is Bandit. Our Dog Days of Summer Benefit is our way of saying “Thank You.”

About Kona’s Canine Cookies

Kona’s Canine Cookies is a small home-based business, focused on providing your pets with fresh, wholesome, healthy snacks.

Our treats are vegetarian and gluten-free. We don’t add salt, sugar, flavorings, preservatives or colorings. There are only two main ingredients: rice flour and oatmeal. After baking, the treats are dehydrated to add crunch and help extend the freshness. Each 4-oz bag has approximately 15-17 cookies that are just larger than a quarter.

The cookies are packaged in an environmentally friendly bag that is made of recycled material and that can be reused or recycled.


$6/bag or 3 bags/$15.00. Plus $5.00 shipping, regardless of number of bags ordered

Contact Us

To learn more – and to see pictures of Bandit and his sister, Kona, please check out our website and Facebook pages. You can also learn more at A Forever Home.


Are You on LinkedIn?

First, let me admit that I am a “technosaur”: a soon-to-be-extinct individual who has failed to evolve with technology.

So my question to the blog world is this: What social media do you use to promote your business?

Kona’s Canine Cookies has a website, a blog, a Facebook page, and I (Lisa Hayes) have a LinkedIn account. Are there other tools I should be using to build my dog treat business?

Any input is welcome.